How to stitch Ricoh THETA Z1 RAW DNG file on a smartphone, iPhone and iPad

Android (apps are still “Unreleased” version):

  • Connect THETA Z1 and Android smartphone via Wi-Fi, use Theta DNG Transfer (Unreleased) app to copy RAW (DNG) to the smartphone
  • Develop the DNG file using Lightroom CC or Snapseed, then export (save) as JPEG or PNG
  • From the Gallery, using “Share” function, activate Theta Z1 Stitcher for evaluation (Unreleased) to convert the file to Equirectangular, press “Save” icon to save
  • Please note that at this point of writing (June 6, 2019): THETA+ app does not recognize ‘Theta Z1 Stitcher for evaluation (Unreleased) converted file’ as Equirectangular panorama, therefore you would need other app to process it further
LOADボタンを押し、THETA Z1内のDNGファイルのリストが表示されているところ (サムネールにはJPEGが使われている) / Theta DNG Transfer(未公開版)
Press “LOAD” to display DNG files
実際に THETA Z1 から Android スマホに、RAWファイルがコピーされているところ / Theta DNG Transfer(未公開版)
Press “DOWNLOAD” to copy the file to the smartphone
Theta Z1 Stitcher for evaluation

iOS/iPadOS (at this point of writing — June 6, 2019, I don’t think we can…):

  • Theta Z1 Stitcher developer also created MiSphere Converter app. This is for other 360 camera to convert Dual-Fisheye to Equirectangular. However, this app does not recognize THETA format of (Lightroom’s) jpeg.
  • I don’t think you can transfer RAW (DNG) file directly to iPhone from THETA Z1. You can save RAW file using USB Data Transfer Plugin, however, iPhone does not recognize the file, therefore you cannot copy it to iPhone. The easiest way is probably to copy the file to Macbook and air drop it to iPhone.
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